Watson Davis, director of Science Service, also feels that his decision may possibly outweigh the atom bomb in long-term significance. It offers using the mysterious way in which plants are able to work with their green leaves to transform sunlight into food.

A new theory to clarify this was announced this year by Dr. Dean Bulk, of the U. S. National Institutes of Health, and Otto Warburg, Nobel prize winner. Crux in the problem is that it takes no less than three units of power to manufacture one particular molecule of carbohydrate, the meals the plant tends to make from sunlight. But sunlight supplies only a single unit of power at a time. Now the researchers have located that each unit as received activates an unknown substance within the plant to start a chemical reaction. Three reactions produce a carbohydrate molecule.

"The meaning of this discovery may perhaps prove to be as significant as the fissioning of uranium found in 1939," Davis believes, and he adds: "Possibly a sort of artificial green plant, capable of factory use, is often created to apply industrially the capture from the plentiful sunshine replica watch rolex . If this could be carried out, economically, the world could be freed of its dependence for power upon coal, oil, gas, wood and other fuels and synthetic food should really be just about the corner."

Exploring the Science of Shaving (Feb, 1957) (Feb, 1957)

Exploring the Science of Shaving

WHAT could science possibly know about your beard that you simply don't already know? Surely, your information of the best way to shave that beard-gained from lengthy and painful experience-would be more accurate than any theories scientists may have on whisker cutting. Or would it

The chances are, you may come across (as we did) that slightly study around the subject of beards replicas rolex , can produce substantially extra comfy shaves. It also tends to make a fine topic for conversation with all the boys in the back area when the poker game lags.

There is even, as an example, a appropriate technical name for the science of shaving. They call it pogonotomy, no matter whether it really is carried out by carving whiskers off with lather as well as a blade razor, or chopping them off dry with an electric razor. We'll discuss each approaches, starting together with the lather-and-slice routine.

The test will be the result of quite a few years of study by Dr. Harry S. Penn, a practicing physician. The test initially essential an extract made in the livers of persons who had just died of cancer. Now Dr. Penn has located that it might be ready synthetically from a popular organic substance. This may well bring the price down to 25 cents a test, inexpensive adequate for it to be made use of to screen whole communities at a time.

George A. W. Boehm, Newsweek's science editor, believes that the try to manage climate in substantial components of the West by cloud seeding was this year's largest science news. "Its consequences," he maintains, "are positive to be even greater than those in the atom bomb. Control the atom and also you can win battles; handle the climate, and you can possess the whole globe at your mercy."

Leading figure in the commercial rain-making was Dr. Irving P. Krick, of Denver. His contracts for the summer time of 1951 covered 436 ,800 square miles.

The operations of all the weather makers, including Krick, are extremely controversial. Do they perform? If that's the case, ought to they be licensed and controlled? Have been rain makers accountable for the disastrous Kansas floods? "It may possibly take years to decide regardless of whether Krick really should be drawn and quartered or canonized," says Boehm, "but despite its lack of a conclusive ending, I nominate the story of his enormous gamble as the biggest science story since the atom bomb burst over Hiroshima replica watches best ."

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